AKA Fringe was established in 2015, formed by a group of movers and shakers in the Kilkenny arts community out of the need for greater visibility of local artists during the festival season. When creating AKA, we envisaged a platform for all artworks to stand equally, side by side, in a programme of events that reflected the fantastic work that is created in Kilkenny city & county year round. We are delighted to be presenting our fourth programme of events this year, a programme which we feel is bigger and better than ever!

AKA 004 showcases work that spans the entire county, from Visual Arts to Experimental Performance, from old school Rock and Roll, to String Quartets and Noise Art. With a feast of diverse events we feel this year you will find something for every member of the family.

AKA could not happen with the support of our generous sponsors: Kilkenny Arts Office, Kilkenny County Council, Transfermate, Ring-a-Link, and the Kilkenny LEADER Partnership. A huge thank you to all our individual patrons, without whom there would be no audience to create such a programme for-thank you for your continued support.

The AKA team consists of Catriona Dowling, Arthur Drohan, Cathal McFarlane, Ailsa Barrie, Philip Brennan, John Morton, Malcolm Noonan, Niamh Moroney, and Karol Ryan.
Of course an honourable mention should be given to the wonderful Willie Meighan who was a founding member of AKA, and worked hard with us the past three years. He was a core member of our group, who despite his illness still contributed majorly to our 2017 programme of events. We would like to dedicate this year’s programme to Willie “The Boss” Meighan. We strive forward for all Kilkenny arts with the great spirit our former comrade-Willie- this one’s for you!

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