Three years in and we’re still the baby festival in Ireland’s festival County. We are very proud of what we have achieved with modest funding but we want to take it further. AKA exists because of a demand; a demand for space, a demand for a platform, a demand from creative people to be part of a movement towards collaborative and community arts in Kilkenny.
We see the importance of the interaction of people through arts as a means of breaking down barriers of inequality and the use of creativity as a driver of inclusion and celebration of our shared values. AKA is needed now more than ever.
So here you have in your hands the collective force of nature that is AKA Fringe for 2017. In these pages you will find so many amazing creative people bringing their work to share with you. Across the various strands; visual, music, poetry, drama and spoken word are two weeks of interaction, fierce debate and most of all fun!
We are grateful to all who have contributed their work and committed to AKA. We are endeavouring to include a diverse mix of work but also to spread the love across venues include some fantastic rural venues as well as Ye Faire City.

AKA is grateful to all our sponsors; Transfermate, Kilkenny County Council Arts Office and Mary Butler, Ring a Link, Kilkenny LEADER Partnership and individual patrons. We would love to directly curate and commission more original work; baby steps AKA, baby steps…
Most of all we are encouraged by the support we have received through attendances at our many events and exhibitions over the past few years. We do value your views and opinions on how we can move this beast forward towards a really inclusive venture. Yes, we would all love more exhibition spaces, a children’s programme and hey a collaborative community arts centre (subtle hint to the powers that be).
We also simply could not fit everything in a printed programme so watch our webpage and social media for updates as the festival progresses. We are grateful to all the venues, our volunteers and voluntary committee (such that it is), Karol Ryan; a one-man graphic and publishing house, Rollercoaster Records and if we have left anyone out; thank You!
So be off with ye; enjoy all that AKA Fringe 2017 has to offer, enjoy the conversations and laughter, our lovely town (City) and our pretty County. Also, support Kilkenny Arts Festival (full listings on www.kilkennyarts.ie) Take home memories and dreams and thanks for supporting people who make stuff…

Le grá mór
The AKA Fringe Festival Team