Alternative Kilkenny Arts (AKA) is a collaboration of people living in Kilkenny who have an interest in or practice within the arts around the City and County. Alternative Kilkenny Arts Fringe Festival provides a great opportunity for many not involved in the main programme to exhibit, perform, recite and activate their work around the City during the Festival. There has from time to time been a tradition of an informal fringe programme to compliment the main festival. But it has been inconsistent. AKA is endeavouring to bring together these strands under a single programme to promote a diverse range of artistic and creative talent, offer a platform and to raise awareness to patrons of the festival that all of this is going on in our City; all of the time!

In the limited time and within the limited resources we had to put this together, we regret that much of the visual arts strand and many other events are not listed here. It would simply be impossible to cover it all.  It is our hope that in exploring our lovely little City that you will wander in to many of the wonderful exhibitions that cram every available wall space in the City and even on our Mayor’s Walk.

We are most grateful to all who have given of their time, shared their skills and donated hard cash to bring this programme together. A big thanks to Karol Ryan for his graphic design work and to all the artists, musicians, creators, practitioners and misfits who make Kilkenny such a unique melting pot of creativity. Most of all we hope that you will go out and shop local and buy and support Alternative Kilkenny Arts! Enjoy the Festival!

There is no committee as such, but these people helped putting stuff together for this, our second AKA Fringe. It’s open to everyone and very inclusive so get involved!

Willie Meighan, Malcolm Noonan, Karol Ryan, Arthur Drohan, Niamh Moroney, Cathal McFarlane, Ciaran O Neill, John Cleere , Mary Butler, Catriona Dowling, Andrea Keogh, Willie Byrne, John Morton, Stacy Walsh, Philip Brennan, James Taylor, Ailsa Barrie…