Conversations with Oneself

A piece detailing the juxtaposition between inner peace and external influence. The hustle and bustle of the modern world often makes the search for inner meaning through tranquility difficult to attain. External atmospheric influences can distract from our internal monologue and cloud the mind from our true personal desires i.e the desire for the peace and contentment needed as a precursor to personal progression. This work attempts to realise this contrast through a real-time, interactive, non-linear musical piece, displaying an abstracted atmosphere from the environment of the installation accompanied by an analogue synthesiser, the Korg Minilogue XD. With no beginning, middle or end, the piece poses a challenge to traditional time based music while also reacting to its environment and those in it.


Aug 14 2022


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


16 Irish Town, Kilkenny.