Slow time on Drummin bog and it’s environs

Mairead is honoured to say that she has been awarded an Artlinks grant to make a book showing the results of the work on the bog! These past few years climate change and biodiversity have become important to Mairead. She has been drawn to a protected raised bog near where she lives near St Mullins.. It’s called Redbog and in the process of being regenerated by a local group @drummin_bog. Drummin bog or Redbog as the locals call it is a very small bog surrounded by woodland. She has been visiting the bog for nearly a year now. She finds the discipline of returning to the same spot to draw for such a length of time has taught her to look anew at the the same thing and try to see it’s simple changes over time. She has been using the soil from the bog and pigments from local plant materials such as gorse in a variety of sketch books to make her sketches . She has also sourced handmade paints and crayons to do this work. She find she subtlety of the natural pigments suit the softness and the stillness of the bog. It’s slow work in a slow space and Mairead feels we all need to slow down, produce less and re evaluate our works practices. Due to the possible impermanence of this sketchbook work, the sketches will be recorded in a small book which will be launched during the festival, thanks to the Artlinks funding. Nature in Ireland is not garish. Mairead find it difficult to focus on just one subject so there will also be some horses and the odd tractor”