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Welcome to Alternative Kilkenny Arts 2019

Now in its fifth year AKA, brings you a robust programme of events taking place across the city and county for ten days in August. With just over seventy events in our 2019 programme, there truly is something for everyone. 

This year’s programme has a wide-ranging visual arts strand, with exhibitions in every corner of the county. We are proud to present an expansive theatre, literature & spoken word programme that brings new Kilkenny companies together with local household names to give you ten days of great performance to enjoy. Our music strand will keep you dancing for the entire festival, and if a workshop is your thing, then we’ve got a few gems to offer you. 

We are very grateful to our sponsors KLP (Kilkenny LEADER Partnership), without whom AKA would not be possible. KLP have given the festival continued support and encouragement. They see the potential of AKA to engage with artists and audiences across the city and county, and to bring them all together under one banner. Their support is unwavering and to all at KLP we say Thank You.

To all our festival partners, the venues that work with us, our volunteers, mentors, our participants, and audiences, we are extremely grateful. AKA has community at its core and without the continued backing that the people of Kilkenny give us, AKA would not be what it is today: a five year old festival born out of a love for local arts. 

This year we have invited Tony Strickland, a Dublin based curator, and long time supporter of AKA to come on board as our Brand Ambassador. Spot a tall man in a hat-that’d be Tony. He will be attending as many events as he can so say hello to Tony, pick his brains about the fantastic work he does, and he will give you recommendations to go to see from the AKA programme. Welcome Tony!

We hope that you have a brilliant experience at AKA2019. We encourage you to support the artists in our programme, treat yourself to theatre tickets, buy a new painting for your home, come along to the comedy and give yourself a laugh, and take a trip into the countryside to meet the great makers who graft all year round honing their crafts. 

Wishing you a wonderful festival from all the AKA Team. 

Niamh Moroney, Liselott Olofsson, Arthur Drohan, Tommy Dowling, Sandrine Dunlop, Tony Strickland, James Kennedy, and Muireann Doheny.