5-14 August 2022

Welcome to the 8th edition of AKA, which brings you a robust programme of events taking place across the city and county for ten days in August.


5-14 aUGUST 2022


As we enter the 8th year of AKA Fringe we are delighted to announce that submissions for 2022 are NOW OPEN.

Please fill in your submission form HERE.

Deadline is June 5th 2022 at midnight.

AKA 2022



Welcome to the 2021 Alternative Kilkenny Arts festival fringe programme. We should be welcoming you to the seventh edition of our festival this year but unfortunately the 2020 edition had to be cancelled, we don’t need to tell you why.

We urge you to indulge in, what this year is, a hybrid programme. Some events are happening entirely online, some in real life. So we hope we have something for everyone’s comfort level.



A big thank you to our sponsors KLP, who have been amazing in supporting us to stay going through the past year and a half. Another trusted Kilkenny arts institution came to support us this year, Cartoon Saloon, without whom our new website would not be possible. Because of the amazing support of the Kilkenny Leader Partnership, and Cartoon Saloon, we have been able to revamp our website to better fit the moment we are living in. We have been able to once again, bring you our wonderful print programme, and to support Kilkenny artists to come together and showcase their work to the summer festival audience that we are so lucky to have here in Kilkenny.

To all our festival partners, the venues that work with us, our volunteers, mentors, our participants, and of course our amazing audiences, we are extremely grateful. AKA has a wonderful vibrant community at its core that has sustained through the past two years. Without the continued backing that the people of Kilkenny give us, AKA would not be what it is today: a seven year old festival born out of a love for local arts.

People of Kilkenny, this year’s festival is all for you. We hope you can take joy in the events from the comfort of your own home and/or out in the community. We will see you on the streets, in the galleries, and in the audience. Bain taitneamh as, enjoy. 

 Aoife, Asia, Liselott, Niamh, & Tommy

A note from our AKA Ambassador

Tony Strickland

Well hello,
This should have been my third year as AKA’s brand ambassador but unfortunately a misfortune happened to us all (we won’t mention it by name). I haven’t been in Kilkenny since February 2020. I have missed Kilkenny and all of you. I will be contributing to this year’s AKA with Tony’s Tips.

I will be highlighting the events that are happening and making sure that you don’t miss out on this year’s exciting programme of events. You can find these tips by checking in on the AKA social media every couple of days. If you see me out and about and feel the desire to let me know what you have enjoyed, let me know (in a socially distant type way of course).

Looking forward to it all.
Best regards

Alternative Kilkenny Arts

AKA brings you a robust programme of events taking place across the city and county for eleven days in August.

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