5-14 August 2022

A Big Thank you for coming to the 8th edition of AKA, which provided a robust programme of events across the city and county for ten days in August.


5-14 aUGUST 2022


First and foremost, the biggest thanks goes out to you guys, the beautiful people who participated in this year’s AKA Festival, from the artists and crew to each visitor who chose to spend their time to support the Kilkenny local art scene. Every single one of you brought care and high energy and your positivity could be felt in every cell of our bodies during the festival, and still remains. The positive feedback from the artists and visitors is a testament to the love and energy you brought with you.

Thank you again and see all of you next year!’
AKA 2022



The eight edition and first post pandemic Alternative Kilkenny Arts festival fringe in 2022. We hope you are were as glad to be back as we were!

AKA is back and we are very excited to bring you into the dynamic world of music, art, craft and more. We urge you to indulge in our programme full of amazing artists, crafts and performances which we hope has something to suit everyone’s interests.



A big thank you to our sponsors KLP, Kilkenny City Council and Creative Ireland who have been amazing in supporting us. A special thank you goes to The Kilkenny Volunteering Centre because of whom we were able to host live meetings with our dedicated artists. 

Due to the amazing support of people in Kilkenny we have been able once again, bring you our wonderful print programme, to support Kilkenny artists in coming together and showcasing their work to the summer festival audience that we are so lucky to have here in Kilkenny.


To all our festival partners, the venues that work with us, our volunteers, mentors, our participants, and of course our amazing audiences, we are extremely grateful. AKA has a wonderful vibrant community at its core that has sustained through the past years. Without the continued backing that the people of Kilkenny give us, AKA would not be what it is today: an eight year old festival born out of a love for local arts.

People of Kilkenny, this year’s festival is all for you. We hope you can take joy in the first AKA post pandemic festival and enjoy the programme of events. We will see you on the streets, in the galleries, and in the audience. Bain taitneamh as, enjoy. 

Aoife, Asia, Annette, Liselott, Sonja and Tommy

A note from our AKA Ambassador

Tony Strickland

Well hello,

I am so delighted to be returning to Kilkenny for my third year as AKA Festival Ambassador. I am looking forward to attending the many varied events which make up this year’s bumper packed post pandemic programme. All aspects of the arts are covered, both in Kilkenny City and the surrounding towns and villages.

Please feel free to say hello and ask me about the programme and follow our social media for my tips on events during the festival.

Looking forward to it all.
Best regards





Alternative Kilkenny Arts

AKA brings you a robust programme of events taking place across the city and county for ten days in August.

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